Bergrren plan cover
Game and Parks, University of Nebraska expand pheasant research in central Nebraska
In partnership with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commision, researchers from the Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit at the University of Nebraska Lincoln will be capturing, tagging, and tracking pheasants in the Central Pheasant Opportunity Area  as part of the Berggren Plan. An aggressive and innovative five-year initiative aimed at increasing pheasant abundance and improving pheasant hunting opportunities in Nebraska.


grad student wins scholarship
Northern Bobwhite researcher wins Rusch Memorial scholarship
Victoria L. Simonson has been awarded the 2016 Donald H. Rusch Memorial Game Bird Research Scholarship for her work on northern bobwhite quail. She is seeking her Master of Science in the Applied Ecology program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Larkin Powell talks about Hitler and his effect on us all
Larkin Powell discusses Hitler's impact on the Great Plains
Dr. Larkin Powell, professor at the School of Natural Resources, recently published an essay in the Winter 2015 issue of Great Plains Quarterly entitled "Hitler's Effect on Wildlife in Nebraska: World War II and Farmed Landscapes." In an interview on "Lincoln Live," Dr. Powell discusses how the demands created by the US involvement in WWII changed farming practices across the state of Nebraska, and the ongoing implications those changes had for wildlife distribution and conservation today.


UNL helps keep prairie birds around so others can enjoy them
University of Nebraska Lincoln research helps keep prairie chickens thriving in Sandhills
Sandhills ranchers, landowners and other public grassland managers wanting to better manage prairie chickens will be able to soon, thanks to University of Nebraska-Lincoln research. Nebraska has one of the largest populations of greater prairie chickens in the United States. However, previous prairie chicken research has been conducted only on the tallgrass prairies of Illinois, Kansas, Wisconsin and Minnesota.


student helps researchers understand their research subjects
SNR undergrad improves understanding of prairie chickens
The Southwest Focus on Pheasants Partnership received the Wildlife Conservationist of the Year award on Feb. 2 in Kearney. It was presented by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and Pheasants Forever for outstanding efforts promoting the ideals of conservation and working in a partnership.



graduate student wins conservationist of the year award
Graduate Students Among Team Awarded Wildlife Conservationist of the Year        SNR's Jessica Laskowski, Lindsey Messinger, and their adviser Dr. T.J. Fontaine are members of the Southwest Focus on Pheasants Partnership, this year's winner of the Nebraska Game and Parks and Pheasants Forever's Wildlife Conservationist of the Year award. Southwest Focus on Pheasants received the award on February 2 in honor of the groups efforts to expand pheasant populations and habitats around southwestern Nebraska.



Jessica Laskowski tracks pheasants
Tracking Pheasants
Jessica Laskowski of New York explains that the antenna on top of her truck is for tracking pheasants, not better television reception. She and fellow University of Nebraska graduate student Lindsey Messinger of Longmont, Colo., are working on the project in cooperation with the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission, Pheasants Forever and other agencies as part of the Southwest Focus on Pheasants Partnership project formed in 2010.




grouse girls head home after successful season
The Grouse Girls Head Home After Studying the Prairie Chickens on the Wind Energy Facility
Cara Whalen, Jocelyn Olney, and Dr. Jen Smith spent this last summer at the Ainsworth Windfarm Energy Facility documenting the lives prairie chickens to see what effects, if any, the Ainsworth Windfarm Energy Facility have on them. They trapped many prairie chickens with drift fences and walk in traps set up at 13 booming grounds around the Ainsworth Windfarm Energy Facility.


effects of windpower on native species
University of Nebraska Studying the Effects of Wind-power Development on Prairie Chickens in Nebraska
The project, called for by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, looks at the potential effects of windpower development on prairie chickens with a view to aid investors, planners, and policy makers to identify ideal locations for future windfarms.