Prairie Bird Research

The prairie ecosystems of Nebraska provide habitat for a diversity of bird species, including numerous grassland songbirds, culturally and economically important upland game species, and many species of migratory waterbirds.

Agricultural development has resulted in the loss and alteration of habitat for many grassland bird species, and it has become increasingly important to understand how alterations across the landscape influence where birds reside, how they behave, and the subsequent implications for population and community dynamics.

Because over 97% of Nebraska is privately owned, our research relies on the cooperation and participation of dozens of private landowners throughout the state, who work with us to understand how best to conserve grassland birds and their habitats.

a ring-necked pheasant, a species under studyA Ring-Necked Pheasant caught on camera.



Joseph J. Fontaine

Jeffery J. Lusk

Larkin A. Powell

Walter H. Schacht